The Handy Tips Guide to the iPhone 4S & iPhone 4

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If you've set up a passcode, you'll need to re-enter it after resetting your iPhone. If you've inherited a second-hand iPhone, or if you're getting ready to sell or give yours away so that you can upgrade to a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X , you may want to reset it to make it as "factory fresh" as possible.

Take note that this deletes all information off of your iPhone. If you have any irreplaceable data — photos, contact information or important messages — make sure your iPhone is backed up first or make sure that information is stored safely in iCloud before proceeding.

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If you want to delete everything on your iPhone and start over again, here's how. Tap Reset.

6 Reasons I Love My New iPhone 4S

Reset is located at the bottom of the General settings screen. Tap Erase All Content and Settings. You may get a warning that your documents and data are uploading to iCloud. Tap Erase iPhone. You'll need to do it again to confirm you really want to erase the iPhone, and you'll be warned that this action cannot be undone.

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Welcome to The Handy Tips Guide! This is the most comprehensive illustrated tips book available for the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 4 and iOS 5. The iPhone 4S combines cutting-edge technology and aesthetic beauty in a compact form-factor to deliver an extraordinary experience. The latest version of the operating system software, iOS 5, has introduced phenomenal new features including Notification Center, Reminders, Newsstand, HDTV mirroring, deep Twitter integration and iCloud which profoundly impacts and improves your iPhone experience. Additionally iPhone 4S users have Siri, the innovative voice controlled A.

There is so much to know enabling you to use your iPhone in unique and powerful ways, so you can do what you want to faster and more efficiently.

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Concerning the aspects of handy operation and fast transfer, AirMore is really worth trying. With its help, you can transfer photos, music, videos, documents, apps and more between phones wirelessly.

This application has a clear interface so that you can deal with it easily. To move iPhone photos to iPhone 7 or other new models, you just need to follow the step-by-step guide below.

So You Just Got an iPhone 4S… Here’s What You Need to Know!

The photos will be copied to your iPhone 7 within a short time. Moreover, you may tap the icon on the upper right corner to check the transfer history. Functioning like Bluetooth, AirDrop is made for file sharing among different iDevices. With it, you can easily transfer photos, videos and so on from one Apple product to the other.

Quick tips for your iPhone 4/4s

Besides, transferring contacts to iPhone is also feasible. As long as your iPhones has this feature, then it would be very easy to send images from iPhone to iPhone 7.

How to make HD movies on your iPhone 4 or 4S

But note that you need to turn on both WiFi and Bluetooth to use it. Below is the detailed instruction. You can use it even when the two iPhone are connected to different WiFi networks. Please make sure that iPhone is unlocked during the process of detecting, or else it may not be found.

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